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Dental Smile Makeover

Step One

Allow access to your camera and microphone

Dental Tooth Chart West Palm BeachThe Smile Makeover Application contains Adobe Flash Player, as such the application will request access to your camera and microphone.

In response to this request, you need to grant access to the application by clicking on the "Allow" button.
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Step Two

Tips on taking an awesome picture

Dental Tooth Chart West Palm BeachDon’t use your screen as your light source; use a lamp. Using your monitor/LCD screen as your light source would make your face color look different.

A solution for this is to use a desk lamp to make your image closer to your color. The light coming from the lamp will make the webcam lower the exposure; thus, making your color more balanced.

Using a proper background behind you can also make a big difference in the image quality

Step Three

Capturing your existing smile

Dental Tooth Chart West Palm BeachNow you are ready to take that big step in taking the picture of your existing smile. Do try and make sure the camera captures the minor imperfections which you want the doctor to correct.

Step Four

Outline your smile

Dental Tooth Chart West Palm BeachNow comes the fun part, draw an outline of your smile. To draw an outline simply click around your smile. This outline helps the application detect your smile so it can be replaced with the appropriate smile. The application gives you two awesome features;

1) Reset the outline which you drew
2) Move the image around the canvas so your existing smile is front and center.

It is very important that the outline you draw contains at least 5 points.

Step Five

The smile you always dreamed of

Dental Tooth Chart West Palm BeachPick a smile you always wanted from our smile gallery and the application will place the smile you picked within the area you drew in the earlier step. You can adjust the size or rotate the image of that smile so it matches perfectly to your image.

Step Six

Contacting the dentist

Dental Tooth Chart West Palm BeachFinally you are ready to share your existing smile and the smile you created with the Dentist. Simply fill in the form with your e-mail address, phone number and name.

You can also copy the link to the images of your existing and new smile for your own personal requirements.