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How is ozone therapy used to treat periodontal disease in West Palm Beach?

How periodontal disease develops

One of the most challenging problems for today’s dentists is the prevention and control of oral infection. In other areas of the body, infection can be prevented by limiting or eliminating exposure to bacteria, but that is not possible in the oral cavity. Even in the cleanest mouth, there is a plethora of bacteria and other microorganisms living and thriving. This is normal and healthy, if they exist in balance and harmony with the rest of the body.

Under certain circumstances, infectious (pathogenic) microorganisms become predominant. Good oral hygiene and regular dental care can help prevent this by removing plaque, bacteria, and other harmful substances as they accumulate. However, genetics, hormones, the acidity of your body, your diet, and other factors also affect your susceptibility to oral infection. Whatever the circumstances, once infection has set in it is very difficult to eradicate by traditional techniques, such as chemical medications and painful surgeries.

How ozone therapy helps

As a holistic dental practice, we strive to offer the healthiest, most natural, and most biocompatible dental solutions possible. What could be more natural than the very air that we breathe? Ozone is present in the atmosphere, formed by such things as lightning storms and sunshine. It is actually a protective element, helping to shield us from harmful UV rays. Life on our planet would not exist without the presence of ozone. An allergic reaction to it is not physically possible.

When ozone is used for medical applications, it is introduced to living tissues, triggering a reaction called a transient oxidative burst. This simple, safe, natural effect causes a stress reaction in harmful microorganisms, which they cannot survive. Additional physiological benefits of the oxidative burst reaction include stimulation of the immune system, faster healing, and increased circulation in the treated area.

Dr. Medlock and Dr. Keith are proud to provide this amazingly effective, exceptionally healthy, therapeutic option to residents of West Palm Beach and the surrounding communities. If you are facing invasive, painful, or questionably healthy periodontal treatment, call us at (855) 883-0355 and schedule a consultation to find out if ozone therapy is right for you.
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