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Welcome to James W. Medlock, DDS and Dr. Elizabeth   Keith, DMD

"I can't say enough about Dr. James W. Medlock, as a person and a dentist. I was terrified of going but once there, his office and he were very pleasant and comforting. Please use my name as reference." -- E.H Sunnyvale

Dr. James Medlock and Dr. Elizabeth Keith have a fresh approach to oral health that is changing how patients throughout the West Palm Beach area feel about dentistry. As a biological dentistry practice, we of course use no mercury, and we employ strict protocols for safe removal of mercury-laden amalgam dental filling. However, our holistic philosophy goes well beyond that, to many precautionary measures for the benefit of our patients' health. James W. Medlock, DDS, Mecury Dentistry Banner For example, Dr. Medlock and Dr. Keith utilize only restorative materials which are body safe and blend beautifully with your smile. Why? Because your teeth impact the health of your mouth, your body, and your emotional wellbeing. Your smile should help you feel good and look terrific.

This practice recognizes that each patient is unique in physiology and other circumstances that impact oral health. By taking time to understand the whole scope of your situation, our doctors are in a good position to help you prevent oral disease, and manage conditions like tooth decay, gum disease, a missing tooth, or less than perfect aesthetics, when they do occur. Dr. Medlock and Dr. Keith work as your partners in the safe preservation of your smile, with a deep commitment to compassionate care and dedication to continuing education.

We use a diverse variety of holistic materials and technologies to reverse problematic oral conditions. Ozone therapy is one of our most beneficial modalities. We incorporate it into a number of restorative treatments. Ozone brings immediate pain relief and the elimination of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Have traditional dental thought processes and methods left you dreading visits to the chair? Holistic dentistry could be an ideal solution. Our office is quiet and calm. Rarely do patients hear the hum of a drill or experience unpleasant sterile scents commonly associated with a dental office. Holistic dentistry treats you as an individual, with techniques that are less intrusive and more comfortable than you have ever known from traditional dental care.

To improve the overall dental experience for our patients, we have created a relaxing, friendly atmosphere with a welcoming staff who knows you by name. Dr. Medlock and Dr. Keith apply compassion, enthusiasm, and a great deal of holistic experience, striving to have a positive impact on each patient’s quest for optimal oral health.

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5 Star Reviews

Rating: 5 James W. Medlock, DDS, Five star rating for Dr. James Medlock
Dr. James Medlock Reviewed by Cathy

Every procedure I've had by these wonderful dentists has been superb! From cleanings, crowns, removal of amalgam fillings, I have no worries or feelings of anxiety, as I know my confidence high as a patient. I have been a patient for 9 years. The most professional and friendly staff in the world! No service improvements needed! I know that many people "fear" going to a dentist. Dr. Medlock, Dr. Keith, and staff make EVERY PATIENT feel comfortable and at ease, as they explain procedures well and are the most gentle and professional dentists in the world! A very clean office with friendly warm "welcome" smiles is an extra bonus! I would highly recommend everyone to this office of Dental Professionals!