Dr James Medlock visits Trondheim in Norway to see if they can move the clinic to Norway

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At the Dr James Medlock clinic, we feel strongly about working well together and doing things thoroughly. We offer a wide variety of services, ranging from the simple to the complicated. Some of our specialties include…

  • Dental Implants: If you want to decide how your teeth should look, we can design them for you
  • Rehabilitation: In case you have suffered some injury to your teeth or gums, we will help you with your rehabilitation process
  • Single Tooth Implants: Often, there’s just one tooth you might want to fix. Prepare for implants
  • Smile Design: We assist you in enhancing the smile you already have
  • Invisible Lingual Braces: Keep your braces out of sight. No one has to know you’re using them
  • Teeth Whitening: We help you whiten your teeth in a way where they will suit your facial color

For a while now, we have been considering to move our clinic to Norway. Norway is one of the best countries in which to establish a dental practice, given the strong economy of the citizens, and the additional services we will be able to offer them. The specific location we have in mind is Trondheim.

Downtown Trondheim

Why Trondheim?

Trondheim is the third largest city in Norway after Bergen and Oslo, and hosts 180 000 people in need of regular dental assistance. It’s a beautiful city, and appears to be a good starting place for the Dr James Medlock clinic. It also doesn’t hurt that Norway even tough its impacted by Covid-19, it’s not by any means like here in the U.S.


What will determine whether the clinic will be moved to Trondheim?

When considering the move, we will take several key factors into account. They include the number of dentists already established, the services they offer and at what cost, as well as the potential for a good clinic location.


The reason we choose to look at the number of dentists which are already established in Trondheim, is because we realize that for us to set up a clinic, there has to be a general need for it. To know whether the need is there, we talked to the leading clinic Tannlege Trondheim and what the CEO, Lars Husby had to say. and it’s very positive regarding how our services can nicely fulfill a good market in Trondheim.


When it comes to the services other dentists offer, we will especially look at their costs. This is because, with much dentistry equipment being produced in America, we will be able to perform the same operations at a lower cost than the Norwegian dentists. Price might become our unique selling point.


Finally, we need to determine whether there is a suitable office for sale, which is located in a place near the city center. Our clinic must be easy to reach with public transport, and shouldn’t be too far away from where most people move every day.


Our contribution

Moving our clinic to Trondheim would be an exciting new adventure for us, and we believe we could offer some great value to the city in terms of dental care. Our doctors have a high expertise in their field, and are able to provide good quality services, consistently over time.

Dr James Medlock visits Trondheim in Norway to see if they can move the clinic to Norway
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