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Ozone Therapy

"The staff was very helpful and friendly. They answered all of my questions and helped me to feel at ease. Though the doctor was very knowledgeable, she used terms and explanations I could understand. What I loved about the staff was that they made me feel comfortable. It was as though I had been a patient for years. It was a great experience!" -- Jade

Like oxygen and or hydrogen, ozone is a gas that is naturally found in the air all around us. It is the high-altitude presence of thick ozone that provides a protective barrier between earth and the sun. It may seem odd to hear that this gas is regularly used in the medical and dental fields, but its benefits cannot be understated. In our field, medical grade oxygen is activated using specialized tools to create ozone3, which is completely safe and very effective in a number of treatments.

The most notable benefit of medical ozone is the gas's ability to kill bacteria, viruses, fungus, even parasites, within just a few seconds of application. This gas, however, is known to elicit a number of actions in the human body, including detoxification, antimicrobial, analgesic, and immunostimulating. Including this modality in many of our treatments, we believe we present the patient with the greatest degree of advantage in facilitating oral health. Some of those advantages include:
  • The prevention of dental caries through prophylactic treatment
  • Relaxation of muscles affecting the temporomandibular joints
  • A reduction in the number of harmful bacteria that attack teeth and gums, especially in periodontal treatment
A painless treatment to receive, ozone is the ideal first-line treatment to early signs of infection. However, we also incorporate ozone in instances where the area of decay resides in the deeper layers of enamel. In such instances, Dr. Keith removes the decayed tooth structure, cleans the area with ozone gas or ozinated water, and restores the area with biologically sound materials. Ozone therapy has been proven safe and effective, which is why we use it in a good number of our procedures. To experience better oral health, contact us for your holistic dentistry consultation.
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Every procedure I've had by these wonderful dentists has been superb! From cleanings, crowns, removal of amalgam fillings, I have no worries or feelings of anxiety, as I know my confidence high as a patient. I have been a patient for 9 years. The most professional and friendly staff in the world! No service improvements needed! I know that many people "fear" going to a dentist. Dr. Medlock, Dr. Keith, and staff make EVERY PATIENT feel comfortable and at ease, as they explain procedures well and are the most gentle and professional dentists in the world! A very clean office with friendly warm "welcome" smiles is an extra bonus! I would highly recommend everyone to this office of Dental Professionals!