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Safe Mercury Removal

"I first came to Dr. Medlock in the 90's after reading about a possible connection between MS and mercury dental fillings (of which I had many). I kept coming back (traveling over an hour after a move) because of the world-class care I received each and every time I came ; no "bs" just honest health care with an emphasis on health AND care, both. I recently strayed due to a distance issue related to work I'd had – boy was I sorry. I had to have work re-done and suffered quite a bit through the poor level of care. I was shifted through the conventional system (I saved nothing and paid dearly). Dr. Medlock and all of the staff truly care about their patients and make the time to be thoroughly educated in "alternatives" which significantly impact health. Thank you All!" -- Peggy

As people are learning more about the dangers of 24/7 exposure to the mercury contained in amalgam fillings, dentists are being asked to replace such fillings with a safer alternative. What is important to understand about amalgam fillings is that they are dangerous in the mouth, and also during the removal process. In our holistic dentistry practice, we take mercury removal very seriously, as we know that the patient's health is impacted by this toxic material.

With a focus on patient health, we follow the protocol set forth by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology. This protocol has been established to increase the safety of the procedure, as studies have shown that even small particles of amalgam ingested during the removal process results in a significant increase in the mercury level in the plasma the day after ingestion. Further studies show an increase in mercury in urine tests for a month following ingestion.

Part of the IAOMT protocol is technique and part is related to the tools used in the safe removal of amalgam fillings. Rather than grind down amalgam fillings to remove the material, the IAOMT guidelines suggest that the material be sliced so it can be removed in larger portions. In following this suggestion, we are able to reduce the instance of small particles and mercury exposure to the patient as well as to our staff. Just as important, we also apply consistent high volume vacuum directly next to the affected tooth so that the greatest percentage of debris can be immediately evacuated from the mouth.

Because mercury particles are very small and can fill the airspace surrounding the immediate treatment area, our patients receive oxygen during treatment. We also offer patients charcoal tablets, which may be taken orally before treatment begins. Charcoal facilitates the elimination of toxic materials, and will help the body flush mercury should any be ingested. By taking these steps, we provide as many barriers against exposure as possible.

If you are concerned about the effects of mercury in amalgam fillings, contact us to schedule your safe mercury removal.
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Every procedure I've had by these wonderful dentists has been superb! From cleanings, crowns, removal of amalgam fillings, I have no worries or feelings of anxiety, as I know my confidence high as a patient. I have been a patient for 9 years. The most professional and friendly staff in the world! No service improvements needed! I know that many people "fear" going to a dentist. Dr. Medlock, Dr. Keith, and staff make EVERY PATIENT feel comfortable and at ease, as they explain procedures well and are the most gentle and professional dentists in the world! A very clean office with friendly warm "welcome" smiles is an extra bonus! I would highly recommend everyone to this office of Dental Professionals!